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    Live emergency announcements Pre-recorded messages activation

    • Complete self-diagnostic
    • Powered by master unit
    • Handheld microphone with PTT button
    • Protected into a robust metal box


    BM 3804FM is a firemen, wall-mount emergency microphone console exclusively dedicated to DXT 3000 Voice Alarm system, and can be used both for live announcements and pre-recorded messages activation. It features complete self-diagnostic functionalities and system status reporting in compliance with EN 54-16:2008 standard. Up to four consoles can be daisy-chained on the line, the first of those has emergency functions and it is powered directly by the master unit, while the others need local 24 V DC adapters.

      RCF BM 3804FM

      SKU : 14380037
      541 083FCFAPrix
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