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      • 4 x 1,500 W class HD power amplifier
      • Fast response and low distortion
      • Stereo, parallel and bridge modes
      • Comprehensive protection circuits
      • Variable speed cooling
      • Signal, clip, fault led indicators
      • XLR inputs and speakON outputs
      • Limiter on each channel
      • 20 ÷ 20000 Hz frequency range

      QPS Series is a range of four channel professional amplifiers that combines high-quality performance and reliability with the latest power amplification technologies. This high-value design offers, in compact 2-rack unit space, the sound quality and the durability of class HD amplifiers with the innovation of the latest power devices available. QPS 6.0K is a 4-channel power amplifier that delivers up to 4 x 1,500 W @ 2 Ohms. It features independent gain control, signal/clip and faults indicators, channels A and C XLR output link, parallel/bridge modes, and speakON output connectors. Moreover, it is protected against shorts and open circuits. Thanks to its high-efficiency heat sinks and variable speed fans, QPS 6.0K can withstand the most extreme heat conditions ensuring reliability. 


      RCF. QPS 6.0K

      SKU : 12100055
      1 899 416FCFAPrix
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