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    1250 W switching amplifiers wide, constant directivity, coverage angle

    • 6 high power neodymium transducers
    • High quality analog input board
    • 96 kHz, 32 bit DSP processing
    • Soft limiter and RMS protection
    • Maximum output per size available on the market
    • RDNet on board


    The TTL33-A is a compact, wide dispersion, 3 way active line array module that offers the highest performance from a small size line array. The incredible high output and dynamics, the extreme accuracy and high frequency extension plus the compact size makes the TTL33-A the ideal tool for outdoor sound reinforcement, live performances and events as well as fixed installations in theatres, concert halls or auditoriums.

      RCF TTL 33-A II

      SKU : 13000360
      4 365 325FCFAPrix
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