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  • 4 x 4000 W continuous output power
  • 20 ÷ 23000 Hz frequency range
  • Full on-board processing
  • RCF speakers’ presets library
  • Proprietary advanced algorithms
  • Networked management via RDNet
  • Native ethernet interface
  • 4.3" TFT capacitive touch screen


XPS 16K offers a full package of high power amplification, innovative processing, analog and digital audio management in a single solution. It is a high power amplifier dedicated to RCF speaker systems with an onboard dedicated preset library. XPS 16K offers four independent, processed channels of audio amplification and is capable of driving all professional RCF speaker systems. The main user interface is RDNet, RCF proprietary control and monitoring software. It is possible to discover, monitor and control a virtually unlimited number of amplifier. Users will find ready to use definable parametric equalizations, multiband compressors, RCF bass shaper, air absorption compensation, delays and levels. The time delay it is up to four second per channel. Most of settings and monitored parameters (channel information, presets, levels, status, grouping and naming as well as user presets) are also accessible through the front panel user interface, made of a capacitive 4.3’’ touch screen and an ergonomic rotary encoder.



SKU : 12100037
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