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  • 500 W total power
  • Up to 6 zones controlled
  • DSP platform on-board
  • Certified EN 54-16 and EN 54-4
  • Emergency messages on monitored SD card
  • Spare power amplifier facility
  • Integrated audio source on front panel
  • Wall mount or rack mount installation


MX 3500 is the master unit of the Voice Alarm system DXT 3000, dedicated to small and medium size applications where an EN 54-16 certified system is required. It is equipped with powerful and exceptionally reliable Class D power amplifiers, able to provide up to 500 W of total power. Depending on the model, it is able to serve up to 6 independent zones. Moreover, the spare power amplifier facility is also available. The internal power supply is certified EN 54-4, and the back-up batteries can be host inside the cabinet, making the system a complete and extremely compact solution. Moreover, the on-board DSP platform allows optimizing environmental equalization, maximizing voice intelligibility and background music performance. The system can be completed with emergency microphone consoles BM 3804, BM 3804FM and ME 3801, and the buttons extensions BE 3806, allowing to add live announcements functionality.

RCF MX 3500/6

SKU: 12100011
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