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    Slim design with glass surface Compatible with most of the standard electrical boxes

    • Touch sensitive activation
    • 8 configurable buttons
    • Addressable volume
    • Level Meter
    • Indicators


    TS 9918 is a touch sensitive remote control mainly dedicated to MZ 8060 digital matrix units. Its 8 buttons and scroll-wheel are fully configurable using the PC Control Software and the slim-line structure allows installation in any environment. Three back-light operation modes are available according to application: night, eco, daylight. Two kinds of configurations are possible for each remote control: Static or Dynamic. Static is when each button can work as VOLUME control and MUTE command for a single IN or a single OUT or for a GROUP of them; as GPO trigger, PRESET-RECALL or as input ENABLING command according to the pre-set priority levels. Dynamic is when the 2 groups of 4 buttons each allow you to act on input(s) and output(s) in terms of MUTE and VOLUME controls, but also to work as patch&link of any input(s) to any output(s).

      RCF TS 9918

      SKU: 13360235
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