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    • 1100 W Class D Amplifier
    • 60 x 60 constant directivity coverage angle
    • 15" neo coaxial woofer, 3.5" voice coil
    • 1.5 " neo coaxial c. driver, 2.5" voice coil
    • DSP Processing
    • Onboard RDNet Control
    • Multifunctional cabinet
    • Very high output


    The TT25-CXA is a full range, high performance coaxial monitor. The linear response curve, the consistent coverage and acoustic output make the TT25-CXA II the professional choice for most demanding situations. The voicing is accurate and deep, the sound is transparent in the mids and extremely accurate at very high frequencies. The size is compact and the profile is very low for a discreet appearance. The TT25-CXA is a high power active system that sets a new standard in the touring and theatre sound reinforcement. By producing flat amplitude and phase response, full-range bandwidth and exceptional impulse response, the TT25-CXA far exceeds the capabilities of conventional stage monitors.

    RCF TT 25-CXA

    SKU: 13000448
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