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Professional digital console

  • 48x Flexi input channels
  • 16x Flexi AUX / sub group busses
  • LR Master bus
  • 10x 8 Matrix
  • 24 XLR input (local)
  • 12x XLR output (local)
  • 2x Solo
  • Dynamic equalizers
  • 4x Assignable DiGiTuBes
  • 4x Assignable multiband compressors
  • 8x Digital FX
  • 16x Assignable graphic equalizers
  • Optional waves integration
  • 96 kHz Sample
  • Rate n / a Optics

DiGiCo S31


    Buses 16
    Inputs 24
    Channels (max. amount) 96
    DCA (Digitally Contr. Amp.) Yes
    Card Slot (external) Yes
    Touchscreen Yes
    Offline Editing Yes
    Demountable Stagebox Yes
    External Power Supply No
    Port For Ext. Power Supply No
    19" Rack Unit No
    Built in Audio player No
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