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    1000 W (LF) + 900 W (MHF) power handling 147 dB max SPL

    • 43 ÷ 18000 Hz frequency range
    • 90° x 30° coverage angles
    • Fully equipped with neodymium transducers
    • Bi-amped system with passive filter between MF and HF
    • Horn Loaded symmetric design
    • Baltic birch plywood cabinet and steel grille
    • Weatherproof treatment


    HVL 15-L is a three-way, bi-amp loudspeaker system for long-throw applications, outfitted with 2 x 15” woofers, 2 x 10” midranges, and 2 x 4.0” voice coil, titanium dome compression drivers. Equipped with the latest generation of RCF precision transducers with powerful neodymium magnets, HVL 15-L provides very high output and accurate sound and voice reproduction. The system, driven in bi-amped mode, can produce a max SPL of 144 dB, handling 1000 W RMS (LF) + 900 W RMS (MHF). An internal passive filter provides crossover and equalization between the midranges and the compression drivers. The horizontal coverage is 90°, and the vertical coverage is 30°. A heavy-duty, weatherproof barrier strip provides connections. The cabinet is made of Baltic birch plywood. The finishing is a waterproof, textured, polyurea coating. The grille is in epoxy coated heavy-duty steel with open-cell fibers and water repellent woven-fabric backing.

      RCF HVL 15-L

      SKU: 13000640
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