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  • Connects up to 8 units
  • Master/slave architecture
  • Fully redundant communication bus
  • Powered by master unit
  • General and zone alarm activation
  • Global and local BGM inputs


IE 3008 is an additional board for DXT 3000 Voice Alarm system that extends its capability and functionalities allowing the connection of a maximum of eight units, in a master/slave configuration. It shall be installed inside the cabinet of each unit, that provides the necessary power supply. System's units communicate through a fully redundant bus, transporting commands and two audio channels. Up to four emergency consoles can be connected to the master unit, for the activation of both pre-recorded and live messages on each system’s zone, using dedicated BE 3806 additional keyboards. At system level, BGM can be injected in the master unit in the dedicated input, with global mute functionality. At local level, BGM can be enabled on each unit using the specific hardware setting.

RCF IE 3008

SKU: 12399015
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