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  • Friendly user interface with front panel LCD display
  • Auto-scan function for easy operation
  • RF signal switching ‘diversity' control
  • 3 output level selection
  • Squelch control
  • PLL (phase-locked loop) UHF
  • Use of up to 16 channels / frequencies (out of 144) simultaneously
  • Soft-touch painting for comfortable use
  • 3 RF output power level selection
  • Mute function

The UHF wireless microphone 4000 series has 144 individual channels. The channels are divided into 12 groups, each with 12 different frequencies. The 4000 series can work with 16 individual channels active at the same time. Using extremely performance antenna, the RX 4016 receiver allow getting a very wide radio cover. The internal display show different information’s such as: frequency, audio signal level, radio signal level, mute and battery level. The diversity circuit and the squelch control complete the high level functions and specification of the 4000 series wireless microphone system. TX 4016 kit consists of: -- a RX 4016 receiver (with AC / DC adapter, 2 antennas and a 1.5 m cable with 1/4” jack plugs) -- a TX 4000 transmitter / handheld dynamic microphone 


RCF TX 4016

SKU: 14250008
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