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  • 2 x 3" full-range transducers with 1" dome tweeter
  • Power selectable (70 V / 100 V): 40 W – 20 W – 10 W – 5 W – 2.5 W
  • 88 dB sensitivity
  • Colour black RAL 9005
  • Voice Alarm EN 54-24 Certified
  • In/out ceramic terminal block
  • Thermal fuse protection
  • Connections integrated in the wall support
  • UL rated plastic enclosure

WMF 33EN is a two-way wall mount speaker designed for both horizontal and vertical installation. It is especially suitable for broadcasting background music into commercial spaces, but also includes alarm messages with highly intelligible voice reproduction and EN 54-24 certification. It features a UL rated plastic cabinet with a steel magnetic grille and is easy to install with its smart support system. The terminal connection blocks, for input and output flameproof cables, are made of ceramic material. A thermal fuse protects the integrity of the line in case of heat affecting the speaker.


SKU: 13100046
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