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    700 W program power handling 128 dB max SPL

    • 65 ÷ 20000 Hz frequency range
    • 90° x 70° constant directivity coverage angle
    • 1 x 10" high power woofer
    • 1 x 1.4" voice coil compression driver
    • High quality plywood cabinet
    • Installation points available on all panels


    The full-range passive two-way speaker X-MAX 10 has been specifically designed as club systems for entertainment, to achieve the best nearfield quality, vocal coherence and a stable tonal balance even at high volume. The heavy-duty speaker cabinet is made of plywood coated with black textured acrylic paint. Featuring a 10” woofer with a 2.5” voice and a 1.0” compression driver with 1.4” voice coil. The LICC crossover design includes an electronic protection on high-frequency device. The rotatable 90°x70° horn allows installation either vertically or horizontally in any environment and architectural constraint.

      RCF XMAX 10

      SKU: 13000657
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