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  • 240 W total power
  • Dual-bus system architecture
  • Selectable inputs priority
  • Link up to 8 ZE 2200 zone expansions
  • 24 V DC secondary power supply
  • Dedicated paging input (up to 6 BM 2006)
  • Emergency audio input
  • Auxiliary external amplifier input
  • Selectable chime generator
  • Dedicated wall mount remote control


ZM 2124 is the ZM 2000 system master unit that includes a preamplifier with 6 zones selection and a built-in 240 W amplifier. It is based on a dual bus architecture, where the first bus is mainly dedicated for selective / all-call paging, while the second bus is for music distribution (or other signals). Toggle buttons turn on / off the second bus (music) on each zone and logic inputs / outputs (GPI / GPO) are available to interface the system with other devices. ZM 2124 is mostly indicated for small systems, where the required power for each zone is limited. It has input connectors for audio sources, can manage priority and route the two buses to the system zones. It also includes an output level control for each of the 6 zones powered by the internal amplifier. An additional external amplifier is needed to keep the music programs to zones not involved by paging.

RCF ZM1224

SKU: 12135085
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